I am a product design leader, user experience expert, and professor. This site is a central place for me to put my thoughts, writings, and teachings.

Currently, I am the head of user experience & design at FiscalNote, one of the District’s largest tech companies. I am also a professor of user-centered design and human-computer interaction in the University of Maryland graduate school. Previously, I headed up user experience at CQ Roll Call and was the head of product at Washingtonian.

I am also one of the featured design writers on Medium. I publish a mix of my writing on there, here, and a few other places on the Web.

I follow and advocate for a user-centered design process. Design is about how something works, not how it looks. The visual design of any product should always be in service of making it work better and in delighting users. Ultimately, good design is about solving problems for people and making their lives better.

I also do consulting work. I am available to help design or conceptualize products or features for you. I also run design sprints and workshops for companies.

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